Trump Calls Out Freedom Caucus Over Obamacare

Trump Calls Our Freedom Caucus Over Obamacare

Republican lawmakers have been promising it to their constituents for years. President Donald Trump bought himself a ticket to the Oval Office for four years by promising to “repeal and replace” it. After garnering a sizable number of legislative seats in the Republican House and Senate in November, Americans waited anxiously for newly-inaugurated President Trump to pull the trigger on Obamacare and start all over with a brand new plan that would be a truly affordable health care option for all Americans.
In the background, Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan got to work negotiating, deal-making, and favor-trading with representatives and caucuses such as the House Freedom Caucus. After a few months of a lot of back-and-forths, President Trump told Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he was ready to put it to a vote.
The vote was scheduled to go to the floor last Friday. But the newly-formed House Freedom Caucus had proven to be the most difficult to bring around to Ryan’s version of the repeal. So, President Trump turned to Twitter to get a message out to caucus members.
With only 30 minutes left to go before taking the vote, Trump and Ryan made a last-minute decision to remove the bill from the calendar. Because of the Freedom Caucus, they had been unable to get the votes needed to pass the bill.
At the end of the day, everything was as it began, with Obamacare still in place.
So who is this Freedom Caucus and how is it possible for a handful of extreme conservative legislators to almost single-handedly derail the healthcare legislation? The House Freedom Caucus, made up of about about 36 or so conservative/libertarians didn’t think Ryan’s proposed bill, which was endorsed by Trump, went far enough to repeal Obamacare.
It seems the math in the Freedom Caucus at the moment says all that needs to be said. Right now in the House of Representatives, there are 247 Republicans and 188 Democrats. The 36 members of the Freedom Caucus have vowed to vote in a bloc if more than 80 percent of its members vote a specific direction. When you subtract their 36 seats, then they have 211 or less. They can shut it down. And that’s just what they did.