Trump Calls Supreme Court Ruling on Voting “Very Dangerous”

Trump Calls Supreme Court Ruling on Voting

( – In 2016, Donald Trump smashed through the “blue wall” (a group of notoriously Democratic states) the Left thought would protect Hillary Clinton. Pennsylvania was one of the states he stole. Liberals have been engaging in shenanigans to try to prevent that from happening again, and the Supreme Court seems to be helping.

On October 28, the high court refused to stop Pennsylvania from counting ballots received after Election Day. That means leadership can’t officially call the state for days. On Sunday, November 1, President Donald Trump slammed the Supreme Court’s decision, calling it “very dangerous.”

There’s concern among Republicans that the changes to the laws in PA are going to lead to widespread fraud that could impact his election. The fact that people won’t know the final results for days is outrageous. The question now is whether the president will take the state to court again.

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