Trump Campaign Tribute Video to George Floyd Removed by Twitter

Trump Campaign Tribute Video to George Floyd Removed by Twitter

( – Twitter just can’t leave President Trump alone. Now, even his reelection campaign has come under fire for posting a tribute video in memory of George Floyd. The four-minute video, narrated by President Trump, showed images of peaceful protesters mourning Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police. 

The social media giant claimed it removed the video because it violated the website’s policy on copyrighted material. Donald Trump, Jr., retweeted the video earning him the following message:

Twitter made a statement saying they received a complaint that one of the photos used in the video was used without consent. According to Harvard University’s Lumen Database, which is what Twitter uses as a 3rd party to study cease and desist letters, said they found the complaint to be valid. 

Here is the video:

Recently, tensions escalated between Twitter and President Trump after one of his posts was flagged and fact-checked regarding mail-in voter fraud. The President responded by signing an executive order that would allow the federal government to take away or limit some of the social media giant’s legal protections.

President Trump has vowed to fight any social media platform that attempts to limit freedom of speech or censors a person’s opinion saying the practice is “un-American” and “undemocratic.”

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