Trump Cancels Singapore Summit

Trump Cancels Singapore Summit
Trump Cancels Singapore Summit

We knew trouble was brewing…
President Trump has officially cancelled the Singapore summit with North Korea after the tiny country allegedly began to fight against denuclearization requests and make unreasonable demands. Blaming the breakdown on the leader’s “tremendous anger and open hostility,” the POTUS expressed extreme disappointment and encouraged Kim Jong-un to reconsider his stance.

Key Facts

• So far, Jong-un has yet to respond to the letter, which was released on May 24. The June 12 summit, just a few short weeks away, is not likely to be resurrected even if he does; there just isn’t enough time. Future summits are a possibility.
• While sudden, the cancellation isn’t entirely surprising. There have been subtle signs of frustration building on both sides for weeks now. Just recently, Kim Jong-un accused South Korean and American militaries, who have been running exercises together for months, of colluding in preparation to invade his country.
• The accusation of collusion appeared to ramp up frustration for Trump and Jong-un alike, but it is little more than a continuation of previous frustrations. North Korea is known for pushing the envelope in similar situations with other leaders.
• Some analysts believe the frustration originally began around the same time Jong-un’s military began dismantling the Punggye-ri testing site. Despite glowing reports from South Korean leaders, there were subtle signs the entire event may have been little more than conveniently timed.
• North Korea claimed to be dismantling Punggye-ri in an effort to appease international denuclearization demands. But not everyone believes that to be true. Rumors have suggested that Punggye-ri was dangerously leaking, necessitating removal anyway.
• True to form, the President was also quick to remind Kim Jong-un of America’s potential power. “You talk about nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”
• Despite the firm warning, Trump was also gracious and measured as he ended the cancellation letter, encouraging further contact when Jong-un is ready. He asserted that the world “has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth,” reminding North Korean leaders to look to the future and potential growth.