Trump Celebrates Astonishing Jobs Report

Trump Celebrates Astonishing Jobs Report

( – Americans have experienced a few harsh months ever since the country was forced to go on “lockdown” due to COVID-19. The economic shutdown caused a tidal wave of unemployment claims at a rate not seen since the Great Depression’s lowest point back in 1933.

On Friday, President Trump received a most welcoming jobs report that shocked even the most experienced and trusted US economists on Wall Street. It indicated a 13.3% unemployment rate for the month of May — a significant difference than the 19.5% Dow Jones predicted. 

The slow reopening of the country’s economy has allowed many people to go back to work and get off unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, not all sectors saw growth as jobs were lost in education and government, mostly due to continued closures.

The release of the jobs report by the Department of Labor could not have come at a better time. Especially now, as the nation faces mass protests and rioting as a result of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. 

According to reports, the US hasn’t seen a one-month job gain like this since the Great Depression ended in 1939. Let’s hope this becomes a continuing trend and get the rest of Americans back to work. 

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