Trump Cuts Aid to South American Countries

Trump Cuts Aid to South American Countries
Trump Cuts Aid to South American Countries

The US has a long history of sending financial aid to poorer countries. In fact, we’ve been sending payments to Central America for decades. But are those payments really helping people… or are they simply being swallowed up by corrupt leaders?
If our financial aid is so useful, why do we still have thousands of “desperate migrants” (their term; not ours) flowing toward the border every single day?
Seems a little suspicious…
Just where is all that money going?
Now, we’re apparently expected to send aid, take on thousands of refugees, pay them to live here, support them when they have children, and allow them to flow through our borders unchecked. And how dare we even suggest they might be unsavory individuals or criminals, even if they commit violent crimes against our citizens.
It’s time for this to stop.
The good news? Apparently President Trump agrees.

Key Points

  • Last Saturday (March 31), Trump made a decision to cut aid to several Central American Countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. All three of these zones have been receiving hefty support payments from the US, with the goal of reducing poverty, for several years.
  • The State Department officially notified Congress of the plan to end financial aid on Saturday. But unconfirmed sources close to Trump say he’s been considering the move for some time.
  • The announcement comes just a day after the President also threatened to close the US-Mexico border “entirely” for an indefinite amount of time. “If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through our Southern Border,” he tweeted, “I will be CLOSING … the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week.”
  • The issue? Nearly all of the migrants flowing toward the border come from one of these three Central American countries. Some come from Mexico, but the vast majority are from three key zones receiving an immense amount of aid from the United States government.
  • Despite how much we send, it clearly isn’t helping. Some of these countries won’t even make an effort to stem the tide of criminals and illegal immigrants trying to force their way over our border. Thousands of their people continue to show up at key border points in Mexico every single day to claim asylum.
  • The US Government sends aid to help countries and the less fortunate; that’s just a part of who we are. No one is saying that should stop, but like the President, we aren’t foolish enough to keep giving when we don’t even get respect in return.
  • Instead, we’re left to spend millions on housing people from the very countries we’re sending money to support. Where’s our money going — and why aren’t they talking responsibility for fixing their own issues in-house with it?
  • If a friend asked you for $50 every day because they were desperate, yet didn’t even have the courtesy to try and change their situation, what would you do? President Trump knows we can’t just continue saying “yes” and giving cash hand-over-foot forever with no effort from the receiving end.
  • But not everyone sees Trump’s announcement that way. In fact, Sen. Bob Menendez, (D-N.J.), who is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, blasted the President for being irresponsible and hasty. “Foreign assistance is not charity,” he said. “It advances our strategic interests and funds initiatives that protect American citizens.”
  • And that’s really the problem. Foreign aid should fund initiatives that keep our citizens safe, but that clearly isn’t happening here. Instead, El Salvador and other key countries take the money and continue to do nothing while we fork over millions to house, feed, and care for their people in detention centers.

Maybe if we cut off the flow of money, they’ll finally take notice — and action.