Trump Defends Right to Ask for Help

Trump Defends Right to Ask for Help

Liberals will do whatever is necessary to secure their position in the established order within our society. Those actions include anything from solidifying Democrat voting districts to entertaining impeachment inquiries against presidents they don’t agree with. This raises a question of the utmost importance: what do we do in governmental systems heavily influenced (if not outright controlled) by Liberals?

In Search of Support

That’s the question President Trump has been attempting to answer to ensure fairness in America’s political system. Earlier in the week, Trump valiantly stated that he has an “absolute right” and duty to investigate corruption in our country.

This tweet is in reference to his appeals for Ukraine and China to investigate Hunter Biden’s shady activities with a Ukrainian gas business. Previous investigations into the company were halted due to a “lack of evidence” of any wrongdoing on Hunter’s part. After some political coaxing, the investigation was reopened but hasn’t gone anywhere for years.

The Naysayers

All Trump is asking for is further inquiries behind the closure of an investigation that has ties to Joe and Hunter Biden. Democrats, unsurprisingly, are outraged. Detractors say that Trump is violating US law by asking for any foreign aid in regards to helping his chances in the next presidential election.

Below is a message Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Chairwoman Ellen L. Weintraub reminding Americans that it’s illegal to receive foreign aid of any value for the purposes of swaying elections:

This Isn’t About the 2020 Elections

What the Left is completely overlooking is that Trump’s pleas for help aren’t about the 2020 elections at all. Trump even said it himself! This is about protecting the institutions of democracy in America.

When Liberals are preventing our government and legislative institutions from functioning properly, how are we supposed to get anything done within that system?

Trump rightfully understands that sometimes one has to work around a broken system in order to fix it. All of this Leftist “collusion” propaganda isn’t about upholding the rule of law. It’s about ensuring that Democrats stay in power and rule the nation with an iron fist. Not to mention deflecting media attention away from Biden and his son.

What do you think about this entire situation? Is Trump justified in asking for help to fix America, or are there other avenues he could explore? Tell us below in the comments section!

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