Trump Demands Action Against Criminals

Trump Demands Action Against Criminals

( – Over the last few weeks, historical monuments and war memorials were disgraced by graffiti or destroyed across the country. In the wake of George Floyd’s death by a police officer, rioters are becoming more brazen, uninhibited, and destructive. Now, President Trump has seen enough. Monday night on Twitter, the president warned there would be severe consequences for those who participate in these actions on US government property.

Over the weekend and into Monday, rioters targeted St. John’s Church, also known as the President’s Church, the Lincoln Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. Vandals were so brazen they even defaced a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park across from the White House. The interaction between police and the rioters became intense enough on Monday night, the media was told by the Secret Service to leave the White House grounds.

In a separate tweet, the president warned vandals.

In an interview Monday morning, President Trump called the damage and destruction of statues and monuments a “disgrace.”

In 2003, President George W. Bush signed the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act into law. It was specifically enacted to criminalize the destruction of veteran’s memorials as the military was in combat in the Middle East, and the anti-war sentiment was growing in the United States among the hard-left at that time. That law is still in effect today and Trump can use it to protect our sacred spaces and charge criminals who target these monuments.

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