Trump Enemy Suggests Only Death and Prison Can Stop Trump

Trump Enemy Suggests Only Death and Prison Can Stop Trump

( – After former President Donald Trump was elected, a group of Never Trumpers began The Lincoln Project. The organization then worked to keep the 45th president from being reelected. Years later, one of the founding members made it very clear that he still has a vendetta against the former president.

Rick Wilson recently appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show.” The host asked him what he thought would “amplify” the war between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump. The Lincoln Project founder said he intends to stir the pot as much as possible. He explained that he wanted to see the governor and former POTUS “fight and fight and fight,” and then he wants them to “fight and fight” some more.

Wilson went on to say the former president “has a stranglehold over the Republican Party” and the former conservative is planning for the “worst case scenario.” He believes that Trump winning the nomination to become the GOP candidate again would be that worst-case scenario. “I mean, Trump has to be dead or in jail,” Wilson told Obeidallah. Even if that happens, he believes the former president still “might win the primaries.”

Though Wilson doesn’t want to see Trump win the nomination, he doesn’t like DeSantis any better. The former Republican said he thinks the Florida governor is “an insane authoritarian.” So the Lincoln Project is trying to help Democrats win in 2024 by peeling off Republican voters. He said he thinks they will need between 7% and 11% to make that happen.

According to the Morning Consult poll, Trump leads DeSantis 58% to 20%. And that’s not the only poll showing the former POTUS winning. A Quinnipiac University Poll shows Trump ahead of the governor 56% to 25%. If DeSantis doesn’t figure out how to get out of the hole, his campaign could be doomed. In the meantime, Wilson intends to do whatever he can to make the GOP frontrunners fight.

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