Trump Eviscerates Congress Over COVID Relief Bill – Demands Changes

Trump Eviscerates Congress Over COVID Relief Bill - Demands Changes

( – On Monday, December 21, Congress passed a massive spending bill to keep the government open and lumped a COVID relief bill in with it. Little did Congress know, the pork spending they’ve been doing for decades would catch up with them in this one bill. On Tuesday night, President Trump tweeted a video saying Americans were cheated as foreign countries and special interests benefited at the taxpayer’s expense.

Every year, Congress waits until the last minute to pass Omnibus spending bills. It’s a massive budget bill that Congress authorizes to keep the government open. They get very little attention and rarely does anyone hear about how the politicians actually budget our tax money. In the 2020 Omnibus bill, billions upon billions of dollars were wasted on pet projects, liberal policies cloaked in budget numbers, and money for foreign governments.

President Trump Calls Out the Ridiculous

President Trump did something perhaps no president has done in a century or more – he called out Congress for their spending and threatened to shut the government down unless Congress does its job. He didn’t use those words, but that’s the reality.

By combining the COVID-19 relief bill with the omnibus, Congress exposed how it throws away money. What’s worse is this bill symbolically says that Washington won’t take care of Americans, but it will ship off billions of dollars to foreign governments and create policies that set the stage for climate control. All of this while the national debt soars to record highs on its way to $30 trillion.

President Trump was right. This legislation is a “disgrace.” He called for Congress to get rid of the “wasteful and unnecessary items” from the bill. He demanded that Congress send him a bill to sign that would deliver meaningful relief for struggling Americans. What Trump is really saying is, if Congress can afford to send hundreds of billions of dollars overseas and to special interests, they can cut the ridiculousness and give the money to Americans who desperately need it thanks to the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Putting Congress on Defense

Trump will make this very hard for the politicians to support this bill as it stands right now. Unfortunately, while Americans knew the spending was bad, they had no idea this kind of stuff was going on. However, it’s old hat for both Republicans and Democrats.

Perhaps that’s why Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was so defensive on Tuesday. He defended giving $25 million to Pakistan. He said the goal was to make life better for women in the Muslim dominated culture that suppresses them. What about women in America who have families for whom they can’t afford to provide shelter, clothes, and food because they are out of work due to governor induced shutdowns and can’t catch up financially?

Veto or Don’t Sign

President Trump didn’t use the word veto. He didn’t have to. Because of the bill’s timing, there’s a provision that keeps the bill from becoming law without his signature. The Constitution allows the president 10 days to review legislation. If, after 10 days, when the president doesn’t sign a bill, it normally becomes law. However, the sticky part is if Congress adjourns even one day during the 10 days, the bill dies without the president’s signature.

Congress is adjourning to head home for Christmas break. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Tuesday night she would gladly call Congress back to give the $2,000 per person direct payment increase from the current $600. However, it’s doubtful she understood the president. He’s saying he won’t sign the bill if it still has all the pork.

Trump now has all the leverage, and it will be interesting to see how Congress responds.

Once again, President Trump is fighting for America against the absurd.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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