Trump Executive Order Targets Illegals

Trump Executive Order Targets Illegals

( – President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order aimed at preventing the number of illegal aliens in this country from being used by the Democrats to change the political geography of the country.

His belief is only those who legally belong in the United States should be counted for the critically-important issues like congressional representation and the apportionment of government money.

This, of course, has sent the Progressive Liberals of the country jumping off the deep end much like the lemmings they love to imitate. They throw around phrases like “blatantly unconstitutional,” seemingly forgetting that it’s the purview of the Supreme Court of United States (SCOTUS) to make decisions, which they have not, contrary to what the media shills would have you believe.

How the Census Bureau is to comply with this order is unclear at this time. The Liberals forced the administration into a choice of either meeting their constitutional obligation by getting the questionnaires printed or continuing the legal battle over a question the president proposed about citizenship status in 2018.

Few things in life are certainties, but one that you can count on is the Lefties will be back in court trying to get this undone.

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