Trump Exposes Hillary's Hypocrisy

Trump Exposes Hillary's Hypocrisy
Trump Exposes Hillary's Hypocrisy

Think Hillary’s disastrous attempts to undermine the American political system and Homeland security are over? I have bad news for you.
Our President just tweeted old footage showing her talking up a strong Russia during a First Channel Television interview in 2010. It’s extremely concerning, downright unsettling, and totally expected for Clinton, who we’ve come to know as a liar and a criminal who isn’t afraid to put America at risk.

Key Facts

• Trump, who is thankfully committed to keeping us safe, shared the video with a clear message: “Will the Dems and Fake News ever learn? This is classic!”
• He’s talking about the fact that Dems and Hillary supporters have repeatedly slammed Trump over a misspoken word in recent days, accusing him of everything from being a Commie to being in Putin’s pocket.
• If you think it sounds ridiculous, you’d be right. Hillary Clinton accusing anyone of anything, especially treason or any other crime, is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.
• In the video, the salacious Clinton talks up a strong Russia, saying that Russia’s growing strength is “good for the world.” She also states that “we,” meaning America, “want a strong Russia.”
• Hillary’s message is incredibly damaging and irresponsible. Clearly, she doesn’t remember the Cold War we had that just ended in 1991. That’s just 27 years ago. Most of us have children who have been around longer!
• Hillary’s crowd, of course, were quick to deny that voting to make Russia stronger was dangerous and devastating. She explained away the video, saying it’s older, and shared a newer version where she flip-flopped to protect her reputation and condemned the Kremlin as well as the Motherland.
• Watch the video and marvel at the stupidity of such statements yourself right here, in this post. We’re guessing you won’t be shocked at yet another ridiculous statement from Shillary Clinton.