Trump Faces Democrats in Post-Mueller Reset

Trump Faces Democrats in Post-Mueller Reset
Trump Faces Democrats in Post-Mueller Reset

The Mueller report hysteria is finally over and — surprise, surprise — it did NOT prove the President was some kind of Russian plant. Even though Democrats have spent the past two years rabidly claiming Mueller would prove he was everything from a mobster to Putin’s best friend, there was “no evidence” of collusion.
It’s a turning point for the President, especially with 2020 right around the corner, but Trump hasn’t forgotten all the pressure from the Left. As he moves forward in an attempt to prepare for another four years in office, the president is launching a well-deserved counterattack against the very people who caused all this drama in the first place.

Key Points

  • In a sensible world, the announcement that the Mueller report revealed “no evidence” of collusion would put an end to the drama from the Left. Not so much in ours; instead, they’ve just shifted gears. Now, they’re saying that “no evidence” really means “there wasn’t enough evidence,” suggesting that future charges may still be on the table.
  • But Trump is just done, and he isn’t planning to move on and forget the whole thing as if it’s water under the bridge. He knows just as well as we do that the only thing hiding under the bridge is a very large, very Leftist troll.
  • Several of his aides, including Sarah Sanders, announced their relief and plan to expose the people at the heart of the DNC’s “extralegal coup” in the wake of the report. They believe this was essentially a corruption-driven attempt to unseat the President and gain the public’s favor through manipulation.
  • Looking at the situation from the top down seems to give credence to this theory; the Left constantly baragged mainstream media sources with claims the President was a criminal. They also threatened him with jail and claimed the case was essentially “in the bag” even though it wasn’t true.
  • Trump had a lot to say at the Oval Office meeting just after Mueller’s announcement earlier in the week. “There are a lot of people out there who have done some very, very evil things,” he said. “… I would say treasonous things against our country.”
  • Trump’s aides agree. While nearly all believe the exoneration gives the President a much-needed “reset” to reconnect with voters prior to the next election, they want action. Kelley-Anne Conway told the press the Left “owe[s] America an apology” for their “haranguing and harassing” over his past term in office.
  • Conway also shared her frustration over the sheer waste of funds and resources dedicated to the investigation, but she stopped short of blaming Mueller. In fact, even Trump himself excused the Special Counsel leader from blame, agreeing that he had “acted honorably” from day one.
  • An unnamed While House official also pointed out the fact that Trump now stands a better chance of getting somewhere in his fight against the Left than ever before. “If we were able to accomplish this much in two years under this phony cloud, then surely there’s optimism that we can accomplish even more in the next two years,” they said.
  • Could the ending of the Mueller report lead to a new era for Trump? It’s definitely possible, especially if voters previously sitting on the fence finally agree to support him in the coming months. But Trump will stand firm on bringing Democratic leaders who abuse the system for their own gain to justice.
  • “Hopefully, people that have done such harm to our country — we have gone through a period of really bad things happening — those people will certainly be looked at,” the President said. “I’ve been looking at them for a long time, and I’m saying, ‘Why haven’t they been looked at? They lied to Congress.”

Democrats have caused a lot of pain and heartache for Donald Trump since he stepped into office in 2016. Let’s make this year Trump’s most supported year ever! Just imagine what he can accomplish with proof of the Left’s corruption on hand.