Trump Faces Threats From Political Group

Trump Faces Threats From Political Group
Trump Faces Threats From Political Group

You can disagree with the President. You can even lobby against him if you don’t agree with his actions or believe you have a better way to run the country. What you absolutely do not have the right to do is threaten his life – but that’s exactly what one Antifa leader who writes for Incendiary News just did.

Key Facts

• First, let’s talk a bit about who Incendiary News, and writer Ulrike Salazar, really are. Salazar and other IN writers are classically “Antifa,” and should be categorized as extreme far-left “activists.” We think the term “violent criminals,” is a bit more accurate.
• As for Incendiary News itself, it is little more than a far-left blog set up with the express goal of pushing the far-left toward more violence. Some experts believe that the site may be owned or operated Russia’s dubious Internet Research Agency, allegedly paid thousands to spin content and spread hate.
• Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about the now-removed article itself (don’t worry; you can still see it here). Salazar, the author who first penned it, not only called for Antifa to “slaughter” anyone working for ICE, but also “their bosses.” That’s a problem for many reasons, but especially because Trump is effectively the boss.
• From the article: “This author only hopes that this chapter in American history will also include the moment when revolutionaries rose up with the masses and slaughtered the fascistic Border Patrol dogs and their bosses, slaying them with revolutionary fire and justice.”
• Salazar also goes on to state that, “The entirety of the Customs and Border Protection, their Border Patrol agents, and ICE, like its parent and grandparent, the U.S. Government and American settler-colonialism imperialism” should be “destroyed from without” by violent Antifa fighters. And the left wonders why we’re so insistent on calling Antifa a hate group?!
• The author also claims that one splinter cell militia, called the Red Guards, is in the process of organizing illegal immigrants to form “defense units.” Their alleged goal is to “fight ICE with fire,” a claim we can only assume means to murder or otherwise incapacitate ICE members openly.
• Salazar’s article was quickly removed from Incendiary News; it isn’t hard to see why. Threatening the President – even if said threats are subtle – is a class E felony under Title 18, section 871.
• What exactly does that mean for authors like Salazar? Well, let’s put it this way: there’s a reason the article ended up removed. The author could be charged and sentenced to up to five years in jail, with an added $250,000 fine, extended probation, and special assessments to determine the level of risk.
• It isn’t clear whether Salazar is a legal immigrant or illegal alien. Either way, if he lacks full legal citizenship, the threats also give ICE permission to permanently evict him from the country. If you don’t like it here, why don’t you find your way back to where you came from?
• But let’s dial it back a notch and talk about just how realistic Salazar’s threats really are. Should the President really be worried? Probably not. He’s well-protected and U.S. intelligence services have been on top of Antifa wingnuts like Salazar for a very long time. Any attempt to overthrow ICE or take out the President would most likely end in a loss of life – for Antifa.
• That said, it is important to talk about these happenings and writings. The more aware people are of it, the less likely it is for the Red Guards and other extremist Communist groups to gain a larger foothold in the United States. With 8,000 members in Austin, Texas, alone, we need to remain hyper-vigilant and aware of the security risk associated.
• Past events showcase just how serious this risk could be if left to fester in the “dark” without attention. Let’s not forget that a far-left psycho just like Salazar opened fire on a GOP baseball game just last year. And, even more disturbingly, the Red Guards have a history of “burning effigies” of Trump; they’re serious when they say he should be slaughtered. So let’s take them seriously and hold them accountable for threatening the President.