Trump Fans Ride an Emotional Roller Coaster While Government Smashes Open Border Wall

SHOCKING: Democrat Insults Trump Supporters on House Floor

Anti-Trump rhetoric is at an all-time high in our country. Now, it’s being allowed right on the House floor! Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) read a letter from a constituent bashing Trump supporters by calling them racist, ignorant and “just plain dumb.” The letter also called Trump a mobster, con man and a gangster sitting in the White House.

Fudge was finally brought to order shortly before she was finished with her reading. It’s incredible that such hostility is allowed to even begin, let alone continue for minutes on end. Democrats can’t fight fair, so they abuse their governmental role to spout their personal views. Something has to change!

Florida Loves Trump! 74,000 Seat Requests Overflow Arena

On a brighter note: Trump has massively out-sold arena seats for his very first speech kicking off his 2020 campaign. 74,000 seats were requested when only 20,000 are available. Orlando, Florida is going to be THE hottest Trump event yet.

Government Smashes Open Private Border Wall

Private property isn’t safe anymore when it gets in the way of political expediency. The US portion of the International Boundary and Water Commission told the owners of a private border wall in New Mexico to unlock their gate. They claimed it was blocking access to a government-owned road. When the owners refused, the government forcefully broke the privately owned lock and jammed the gate open.

Brian Kolfage is head of the We Build the Wall organization that privately funded the wall. He calls this an overreach of authority. The group is fighting to gain back control of the wall they funded. Hopefully, they win.