Trump Fires Back at MS-13

Trump Fires Back at MS-13
Trump Fires Back at MS-13

Our esteemed President is stepping up to the plate to take on one of the most terrifying gangs present in North and South America to date: MS-13. Calling the organized crime unit “animals,” Trump accused members of “infiltrating our country” to “rape, murder” and “cut people up into little pieces.”

Key Facts

• MS-13, which first originated in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, now has an international foothold with nearly 50,000 Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans. At least 10,000 of those members are present on US soil.
• The historically violent gang also has ties deep into Mexico and several other Central and South American countries. Evidence of a gang presence has been identified as far south as Argentina as well as throughout Canada.
• While most gangs are violent, MS-13 is especially concerning; there is evidence that most chapters are involved in sex trafficking of minors, usually young girls. They’re also extremely violent and have been tied to hundreds of murders all over the country.
• A live video circulating around Facebook in the mid 2000s, which showed a woman being beheaded, was allegedly tied to MS-13, too. But that’s just how MS-13 operates – and it’s exactly why their presence turned El Salvador into the “murder capital of the world.”
• Speaking on ending issues with violent gangs like MS-13, Trump pointed out the link between crime and immigration. Lax regulations often allow MS-13 members to find their way into the country and stay here once they arrive. As long as they fly under the radar, they’re virtually impossible to remove.
• Once again, the President reiterated his belief that building a wall along the border will at least slow the influx of MS-13 members. He also indicated his plan to have Mexico foot the bill for the wall eventually, even though they’re currently refusing to cooperate with that request.
• This isn’t the first time the POTUS has spoken up about MS-13’s dangerous presence on US soil. Earlier in his term, he reassured voters that “It is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate and eradicate MS-13.”
• This week, he again condemned their actions and lauded law enforcement officers for a recent crackdown that removed hundreds of gangbangers from American streets. “Together,” he said, “we’re going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities, and we’re going to destroy the vile criminal cartel, #MS13, and many other gangs…”