Trump Floats Possibility Jeffery Epstein Was Murdered

Trump Floats Possibility Jeffery Epstein Was Murdered

( – Former President Donald Trump skipped the first Republican primary debate on Fox News. Instead of attending the event, he sat down for an interview with fired Fox host Tucker Carlson. During their discussion, he floated the possibility that convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

The interview with Carlson and Trump took place on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The former Fox News star asked the 45th POTUS about Epstein’s 2019 death at a New York prison. At the time of his controversial suicide, the billionaire was awaiting trial for allegedly running a sex trafficking ring where he sold minors to older men.

The Trump administration was in charge of the federal prison system at the time, with William Barr serving as the attorney general. Carlson asked if Trump genuinely believed Epstein killed himself while in his jail cell.

“I don’t know,” Trump said, leaving the door open for alternative theories. He said he knew Epstein was often seen in Palm Beach, Florida. Carlson pressed the former president, saying someone said they would investigate, but that never happened.

The ex-Fox host claimed the former attorney general “knew why” but insinuated that Barr was covering something up. The former AG and Trump no longer get along. The former president accused Barr of not investigating allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

Carlson asked Trump if he thought it was possible that Epstein was assassinated. Trump responded, “Oh sure, it’s possible.” However, he said he didn’t think that was the case. He believes that Epstein did, in fact, kill himself.

There is a widespread belief that Epstein may not have taken his own life. The rumors have been fueled by the circumstances around his death and his connections to powerful people. The guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein on the night of his death were allegedly sleeping or doing other things, and the cameras watching his cell just happened to malfunction at the time he died. In the years since his death, there has not been any hard proof that it was anything other than a suicide.

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