Trump Gets Court Win in Philly

Trump Gets Court Win in Philly

( – During a US election, both political parties are allowed to send people to the polls to have them watch the count. These officials look for irregularities and fraud. But after the November 3 election, some poll watchers in Philadelphia complained they weren’t able to get close enough to do their jobs. That prompted a lawsuit from President Donald Trump, and now a judge has issued a ruling in the case.

On November 5, Judge Christine Cannon ruled election officials must allow representatives from campaigns to stand within 6 feet of where the ballots are being counted. Before the ruling, Philadelphia officials weren’t allowing poll watchers to get close enough. One witness testified the poll watchers were between 15 feet and 105 feet away.

President Trump celebrated the win.

The whole reason campaigns are allowed to have poll watchers is so they can monitor the vote. Someone standing 105 feet away is clearly not going to be able to do that. The ruling in Pennsylvania was a step in the right direction. Hopefully, there will be more decisions like it across the country.

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