Trump Gives Water to Ohio While Biden Isn’t Even There

Trump Gives Water to Ohio While Biden Isn't Even There

( – On the evening of Friday, February 3, at least 50 train cars derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and water and causing the evacuation of at least 1500 of the town’s 4700 people. On Monday, February 20, more than two weeks after the accident and subsequent release and burn-off of hazardous materials, President Joe Biden made a surprise visit … to Kyiv, Ukraine. Yet, former President Donald Trump came to Ohio bearing pallets of water and food in Biden’s absence, reminding citizens of the current administration’s betrayal of their trust.

Crowds cheered and greeted the former POTUS, who spoke at the local fire station. He thanked first responders for their dedication and lauded residents’ “tough and resilient” hearts, telling them, “You are not forgotten.” Trump told the citizens he and his allies were keeping the people of East Palestine in mind, praying for them, and working to hold government agencies and Norfolk Southern accountable.

Trump went on to describe how the community’s goodwill and perseverance met with indifference and betrayal from the Biden administration when FEMA repeatedly told Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) the situation didn’t qualify for federal emergency management assistance. Yet, Trump claimed the agency did an about-face once he announced he would visit the village. Hours after the former president announced his impending visit, FEMA stated it would provide federal assistance to the town.

The previous commander-in-chief donated thousands of bottles of Trump-branded spring water, cleaning supplies, and canned foods to East Palestine residents before treating local first responders to Big Macs at McDonald’s. Trump handed out signed MAGA hats to customers at the fast-food restaurant while awaiting his order.

Trump issued harsh criticism against Biden and his administration for their handling of the incident. Gov. DeWine requested CDC and Health and Human Services (HHS) support to assist with residents’ complaints of severe symptoms following the release of vinyl chloride and other contaminants. Burning the chemicals could have caused the formation of phosgene and hydrochloric acid, among others.

Speaking to Fox News, Mayor Trent Conaway told host Jesse Watters he was perhaps most upset by President Joe Biden’s choice to ignore the town and its citizens by making a surprise visit to Ukraine on President’s Day. Conaway exclaimed, “That was the biggest slap in the face.” He expressed how furious he was that Biden physically chose to distance himself and continue funding Ukraine’s defense while East Palestine received nothing. The mayor and residents continue to plead for resources and assistance from federal agencies.

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