Trump Has Harsh Words for Protesters

Trump Has Harsh Words for Protesters

( – President Trump offered a bold statement to protestors ahead of his rally in Tulsa on Saturday night — don’t bother. On Thursday evening, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum (R) was forced to declare a civil emergency. Police are expecting civil unrest and crowds in excess of 100,000 in the area of the rally. They created a six-block radius from the arena to keep protestors at bay, but that wasn’t enough for Trump. He had a strong warning for protestors:

For the president, this isn’t just another rally. It’s the relaunch of his campaign after COVID-19 hijacked the political season. While Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden remains camped out in his basement, Trump is reclaiming the offensive in what’s likely to be a bruising political campaign this fall.

Instead of using the new slogan, “Keep America Great,” the campaign has gone back to the iconic “Make American Great Again” slogan in the wake of the pandemic and economic revival underway.

The political season is now back on, and it’s sure to be interesting.

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