Trump Hopeful as States Scramble to Count Votes

Trump Hopeful as States Scramble to Count Votes

( – Election night was just as exciting as everyone expected it to be. Early in the night, it was clear Democrats once again underestimated President Donald Trump’s support across the country. And the POTUS is in a good position Wednesday, November 4, on his quest to win re-election.

Joe Biden went into Election Day thinking he might flip Florida, Texas, and even Georgia. That did not pan out for him. The president won both the Lone Star and Sunshine States handily and is likely to take the Peach State as well.

President Trump made a statement touting his wins as the night came to a close and all of the same-day votes were counted.

Trump is definitely in a good position to win the election. It’s not a done deal, but there’s a high probability. Unfortunately, because of mail-in voting and the changes in voting rules in places like Pennsylvania, the country might not know who the victor is until later this week.

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