Trump: If People Can Protest, They Can Vote In-Person

Trump: If People Can Protest, They Can Vote In-Person

( – For months, President Trump has been warning about the dangers of mail-in voting. All around the country, courts have been ruling in cases involving voter fraud and cheating. Yet, Democrats are in denial as they seek other methods that could call into question the integrity of the vote if Trump wins re-election. Additionally, Democrats contend people will not show up at polls during a pandemic. On Tuesday, the president, and other prominent Republicans, began exposing the hypocrisy of this position.

The new message is this: if people can protest in-person, they can vote in-person.

Mail-in voting should not be confused with absentee voting. In Democratic-run states, election officials are advocating for a costly program whereby they mail a ballot to everyone on the voter rolls. That means deceased people, people who move, people who don’t want to vote, and so on. In the case of absentee ballots, people have to request one and often provide a valid reason.

The issue is continuing to generate controversy. The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently said they could handle the volume of mail. However, they stressed the timelines provided by some states are unrealistic, and ballots may miss the deadlines to be counted if lawmakers don’t adjust them.

In a speech before the virtual Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Monday, August 17, former First Lady Michelle Obama told voters not to trust the post office. Instead, she encouraged them to vote in-person. The Trump Campaign is suing to stop states from initiating mail-in laws in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and now, New Jersey. This issue will likely be more political than practical, and it’s hard to know how it will play out in the courts.

Stay tuned as the situation unfolds and develops.

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