Trump Is Building Momentum

Trump Is Building Momentum

( – What’s happening in presidential politics right now is not normal. It’s not supposed to be this way. In light of all of the negativity, criticism, and allegations of racism over the last few years, and especially during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week, President Donald Trump is supposed to be down double digits in the polls according to the media. The Republican National Convention (RNC) this week was supposed to be the time for Trump to make a move with voters as polls have tightened in recent weeks, especially in battleground states.

The RNC is only halfway through, and Trump is in a prime position to win this election. In fact, he’s building significant momentum among the groups that Democrats vitally need to win. In new polling by Zogby, blacks, independents, and urban dwellers have contributed to giving the president the highest approval rating to date in the survey.

Could Biden and the Democrats neglect of violence, riots, and destruction in urban, Democratic-led communities be partially to blame for Trump’s newfound momentum?

Shock Waves Should Be Rolling Through the Democratic Party

The Washington Post got a secret look at the new Zogby Poll. According to their reporting, Trump’s approval is now at 52%. That’s in line with Rasmussen, which shows Trump polling between 47% and 52% over the last few weeks as well in their daily tracking poll.

What’s driving Trump’s approval ratings up?

According to the report, Zogby says that support among Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are all up. Trump’s support increased to 36% of Black voters, 37% of Hispanics, and 35% of Asians — Another all-time high in the poll.

Urban Communities Hard Hit as Biden Ignores Their Reality

Urban communities have been hit hard since mostly Democratic governors shut down businesses and quarantined people for over two months. After George Floyd died in police custody, legitimate protests turned in riots in urban black and minority communities across America. Those most hurt by the destructive riots are those who live in the cities.

This Zogby poll should have Democrats shaking in their boots. Every American wants security, safety, and opportunity. Democrats in major cities, by their actions and inactions, have told minority communities that those basic needs are not important. At the DNC last week, the riots and violence were ignored as they tried to make the case that the election is about Donald Trump’s personality. However, when your community is on fire, character suddenly doesn’t matter much.

As violence, riots, and destruction continue on the streets of Democratic-led cities, Biden may have helped Trump out. Ignoring the issues in urban communities may be a miscalculation that could be the defining issue of the 2020 campaign.

Trump is building momentum, but time will tell.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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