Trump Issues “Law Day” Proclamation

Trump Issues

( – The US has a unique form of government that makes it incredible. Every year since 1958, America has celebrated its democracy with Law Day. President Donald Trump just reminded everyone why this recognition is so important.

On April 30, 2020, President Trump signed the final Law Day proclamation of his first term in office. The commander-in-chief reminded Americans that he’s “working to root out and destroy injustice.” He’s also standing by the Constitution and appointing judges who do the same.

Rep. Kelly Townsend (R-AZ) tweeted her support of the president’s proclamation.

Law Day is even more relevant this year as COVID-19 continues to ravage the country and some states are maintaining strict lockdowns. Many people are concerned their rights are being trampled on in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. Is that happening? It’s certainly something that everyone should contemplate on May 1 as they stop to appreciate the Constitution.

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