Trump Issues Serious Warning About Border Situation

Trump Issues Serious Warning About Border Situation

( – Donald Trump kept the border safe for years with his decisive leadership and use of executive actions. Joe Biden started dismantling those policies his first day in office. He revoked Trump’s emergency declaration at the nation’s southern border. He also canceled future construction of the border wall. Predictably, the border has exploded with an overwhelming flood of migrants.

Trump sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity in a wide-ranging interview that aired on Monday, April 19. The two discussed the mounting border crisis, and things don’t look good at all.

The former president told Hannity that Biden was trying to play down the severity of the crisis. “It’s a horrible situation,” he explained, adding that “it could destroy our country.”

“People are pouring in,” he continued. All the Biden administration had to do was “leave it alone,” it being Trump’s border policies.

Up until now, Trump has remained out of the limelight, and his interview with Hannity was his first one on camera since leaving the White House.

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