Trump Jr. Blasts “Rigged” System After Robinhood Shuts Down GameStop Trades

Trump Jr. Blasts

( – On Thursday, January 28, day-trading platforms, like Robinhood, limited trades of certain stocks after average people learned how to game the stock market like billion-dollar hedge funds. The decision caused outrage, among people on both sides of the political aisle, including Donald Trump Jr.

The decision from the day-trading apps came after a group of citizens noticed hedge funds were shorting stocks in companies like GameStop and AMC. That occurs when an investor borrows a share from someone else, sells it with the expectation that the price of the stock will fall and then they can buy it back at the lower cost, making money on the difference. The average Joes, who saw this happening, joined together and purchased a bunch of shares in the companies. That drove the price of the stocks up, forcing the hedge funds to buy the shares back at a higher price and reportedly lose billions of dollars.

When the hedge funds realized what was happening, they lashed out. That led to the crackdown on the trading apps. Don Jr. pointed out the media, Big Tech, Wall Street were all working together to hurt the little guy.

Trump Jr is correct. What’s more, the American people now know the system is, in fact, rigged against them. That might be the most infuriating revelation of all.

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