Trump Just Did Something Great for the Military

Trump Announces Military Pay Increase
Trump Announces Military Pay Increase

Finally, some support for our troops! Our esteemed President has always been a big supporter of the military. Like many of us, he believes our soldiers deserve better pay and more compensation for their hard work. Which is probably a big part of the reason he announced a new spending bill this week that puts nearly $717 billion back into the military – money that will go to good use helping soldiers achieve a better income or finding housing. This is really something to be proud of!

Key Facts

• The bill, called the “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019,” was officially signed into effect at Fort Drum Army Base in New York. The name, as you might expect, is a show of respect to Senator McCain, who is a Senate Armed Service Committee chairman.
• Trump explained his reasoning for signing off on the spending bill in a recent press conference. “We are proudly giving our troops the biggest pay increase in a decade,” he said, instantly improving lives for thousands of soldiers.
• Approximately $11 billion of the new spending bill is specifically dedicated to military housing. This includes private and family housing options all across the country. Such an influx is badly needed; many of our current housing options need extensive repairs, while a general shortage means high waitlists.
• Some of the money is also being used to replace military technology, which will in turn pour money into jobs for soldiers. “We will replace aging tanks, aging planes and ships with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed,” the POTUS explained.
• The bill will also give the military the option to hire more new soldiers, boosting waning numbers for certain positions and locations. Trump also stated that the change would “increase the size and strength of our military by adding thousands of new recruits to active duty.”
• But the decision to add new soldiers isn’t just a power play, as some may think. It serves to achieve other important goals, like reducing poverty in the US and increasing the influx of money back into the economy. It will once again become lucrative to seek out a career in active duty.
How do you feel about the new military spending bill? Is it a great way to improve support for our service members, or a disastrous attempt at spending money where it isn’t needed? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.