Trump Lawyer: “Georgia Officials Violated Law…”

Trump Lawyer:

( – Georgia is one of the states with election results under scrutiny. Republican Governor Brian Kemp certified the results for Joe Biden; it was the first time a Democrat had won the state in almost 30 years. Another conservative attorney is now calling the results into question.

On December 9, attorney Cleta Mitchell gave an interview to “American Thought Leaders,” where she discussed the Georgia results. According to Mitchell, the White House reached out to her on November 4 and asked her to make sure election officials were following the law. She believes there were multiple violations of state code when workers counted the ballots.

Texas, along with numerous other states, is currently suing Georgia over its election results. The Lone Star state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, believes officials in the state violated the Constitution by changing election codes. Their suit names three other states, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well. If the GOP AG wins the fight, the results in those states could be overturned.

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