Trump LAWYERS Reveal GIANT Trove – This is HUGE!

Trump Lawyers Reveal 200,000 Documents Were Taken During Raid

Trump Lawyers Reveal 200,000 Documents Were Taken During Raid

( – The August 8 FBI raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was one of the most shocking political events of the year. Since the operation, Trump and the Justice Department have been locked in legal battles over what happened — and what happens next. Now, there’s a new controversy brewing over what the bureau seized.

The Justice Department (DoJ) claims the objective of the raid was to recover classified documents Trump had taken from the White House. Dozens of classified files were found at Mar-a-Lago, but the DoJ admitted that they had also seized around 11,000 other documents. That made supporters of the former president wonder about the real plan. Was it really about the White House files… or was it a new attack aimed at stopping a Trump 2024 campaign in its tracks?

Now it turns out things could be even worse. On September 28, Trump’s lawyers filed a letter with New York federal judge Raymond Dearie, the special master overseeing the investigation. The letter claims that the FBI had actually taken a stunning 200,000 pages from Trump’s home.

That number could have an impact on the investigation; Trump’s legal team says they’re having problems finding a contractor that can scan and upload all the documents. Once that’s done, the documents all have to be reviewed, and there’s no chance of that being done by the mid-October deadline set by the court. Trump’s lawyers are asking for extra time to get the job done.

Meanwhile, Trump loyalists will be looking at that huge stack of paper and wondering what’s going on here.

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