Trump Legal Team in Michigan Celebrates After Court Order (REPORT)

Trump Legal Team in Michigan Celebrates After Court Order (REPORT)

( – President Trump’s legal team scored a victory in Michigan on Saturday, December 5, when a judge ruled that 22 suspect Dominion voting machines should be examined. The decision follows a flood of worrying reports about the machines, which many Republicans fear could have been tampered with to switch Trump votes to Biden in last month’s disputed election.

The Michigan case began when an Antrim County resident filed a complaint that his ballot wasn’t counted on November 3, and requested an investigation into the county’s voting machines. Antrim County became notorious for an “error” that saw 6,000 votes for Trump being allocated to Biden’s total instead. When the problem was resolved the county flipped from a Democrat to a Republican win.

Michigan has now certified its election results as a win for Biden, but not everyone is convinced. Dozens of other counties in the state use the same machines as Antrim. Now the Trump campaign will have the chance to conduct a forensic examination of the machines and find out what exactly happened on November 3.


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