Trump Legal Team Prefaces Case, Voters Want Trump to Fight

Trump Legal Team Prefaces Case, Voters Want Trump to Fight

( – Trump’s legal team came out swinging on Thursday, November 19. Attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis spent nearly two hours making the case that widespread fraud, including software manipulation by a foreign country, caused Donald Trump to go from being significantly ahead on election night to losing in virtually every battleground state. The news conference highlighted how the election may not have been fair or honest, putting the election’s integrity in question.

Giuliani argued that a pattern of voter fraud developed that couldn’t be a coincidence. It had to be a centralized plan because there were similarities from state to state that were virtually identical. In particular, he cited how Republican poll watchers were not permitted to watch the counting process because they were too far away.

In other instances, the former New York City mayor shared several sworn affidavits signed by poll workers from Pennsylvania and Michigan that testified they were instructed to violate the law. They were told to assign ballots without names to random people who, in some instances, showed up to vote and were told they had already cast their ballots. They have hundreds of more affidavits, but people didn’t want their names released publicly out of fear of reprisals.

Software Company May Not Be a Glitch

Attorney Sidney Powell said the voting system created by Canadian company Dominion was riddled with problems. The voting system allegedly uses Smartmatic software technology, a company founded by Venezuelans but currently incorporated in Florida. Dominion voting systems were used in 2,000 jurisdictions across 30 states in this election.

Powell stated an affidavit submitted by an individual in Georgia explained how the Smartmatic software works and that the affidavit testifies it is designed to change vote counts to give a predetermined outcome. Powell alleged that the software was created to help Hugo Chavez, and later Nicolas Maduro, win elections in Venezuela without getting caught cheating.

There are many backdoor ways to access the software to flip votes, according to Powell. She further added they have affidavits from poll workers who said they were trained on how to dump Trump votes and switch them to Biden.

In the coming days, there will be a lot more information becoming available on Dominion and Smartmatic.

At one point, Powell was asked if this was a developing Constitutional crisis. She answered that it was indeed. However, she noted that the Constitution has the resolution to the problem.

The Point of the Press Conference

Jenna Ellis spent several moments explaining that as attorneys, they were announcing how the case was being built for a court and that the press conference was a sort of opening statement. She said collecting evidence and making it presentable takes time. However, she expected the fake news to continue to say there is no case despite the mounting evidence.

Giuliani repeatedly attacked the press and said the legal team was being forced to do the media’s job. Like the Russian hoax and impeachment, the former mayor made the case that the media wasn’t interested in the facts. Instead, he asserts they’re interested in getting rid of President Trump. At one point, he said much of the press were liars.

Republicans Want Trump to Fight

In a new poll by Rasmussen, 57% of GOP voters said that Trump should not concede. Additionally, 75% said it was likely, and 61% very likely, Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots to ensure that Biden would win.

A solid majority of Trump voters want the president to fight and keep up the legal battle to win another four-year term.

Stay tuned for new developments. This is an ongoing and developing story.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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