Trump May Be America's First Third-Party President

Mueller Report Released to the Public

Americans have been clamoring for a serious third-party candidate for generations. It seems the nation may have gotten its collective wish. His name is Pres. Donald J. Trump and the Washington elite are none too happy about it.
The far Left may want to dub Trump an alt-Right threat, but in reality he was never a Republican or a RINO. Mr. Trump and cohorts such as Breitbart editor Steve Bannon carried out a masterful political strategy that usurped the GOP power base while capturing the imaginations of everyday Americans. The campaign, waged against GOP insiders, Democrats and the radical Left alike was as brilliant as it was sinister. The then-Reality TV star and billionaire real estate mogul leap-frogged the hard fought, but futile efforts of third-party leaders such as the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson.
As the National Review so aptly stated, “Trump had the good sense to run a Perot/Buchanan/Reform Party campaign inside the Republican party rather than as a third-party or independent candidate.”
“But if you have a lot of money or — and I think this is the relevant factor for Trump — a great deal of celebrity, you can simply take over the existing infrastructure of a major party, which includes not only the formal party apparatus itself but also the partisan loyalties of institutions and media figures.”
Bernie Sanders attempted a similar takeover of the Democratic Party, but, as the story goes, Hillary operatives worked against him to maintain the elitist power structure. Trump has very little in common with either party.

Circling the Immigration Wagons

The Republican position on illegal immigration can be summed up in one line: “Rule of Law.” The Right has little interest in amnesty programs such as DACA, and GOP state attorney generals were ready to bring a lawsuit against the Trump Administration — had he not reversed the so-called Dreamer program. The party’s reasoning is sound. Allowing illegal immigrants to benefit from circumventing the legal process flies in the face of law and order. It also displaces American workers and drives blue collar wages down. Few dispute that former President Obama’s DACA program was a legal overreach. But President Trump has struck a middle ground that bruises both parties. Either Congress will pass immigration reform legislation or he’ll solve it himself. In classic Trump style, he is the man in the middle.

Debt Ceiling Deal

One of the more loathsome Swamp practices is tying up important legislation with unrelated spending and issues. The impending debt ceiling deal had Republicans licking their chops with a chance to “get some.” The expected showdown was pushed off by President Trump, who opted out of tough party negotiations in favor of a three-month stay and immediate funding for the Hurricane Harvey and Irma disasters. Much to the chagrin of House Speaker, Paul Ryan, the president agreed to a previously rejected Dem deal. And, the tough-on-illegal immigration president didn’t even link the deal to his much-touted border wall. After doing the people’s business, it is evident that President Trump stands apart.

Third-Part Tax Reform

Frustrated about the GOP’s inability to repeal and replace ObamaCare, Pres. Trump has set his sites on Tax Reform. The tax code hasn’t been reworked since 1986 and the president is correct when he calls it a “mess.” U.S. companies are over-taxed in comparison to other countries. Many outfits have moved south of the border or overseas to enjoy lower taxes. Americans suffer job-loss and goods are sold back. Democrats and Republicans have never agreed on tax reform. The Left sees welfare as a low-income solution and the Right sees lower taxes at the top as a way to stimulate economic growth. President Trump has already come out against both positions. He’s pushed for lower corporate taxes to bring businesses back and possible tax increases on the rich. This could benefit working Americans. Talk about politically unpopular.
Regardless of which issue you examine, the Trump agenda differs from long-held Republican and Democrat ideologies. Steve Bannon said the Washington elite wouldn’t give the country back without a fight. Well, Trump orchestrated a takeover of an existing party and stands as the country’s first third-party president. The Swamp lost round one.