Trump May Get the Investigation He’s Been Dying For

Trump May Get the Investigation He's Been Dying For
Trump May Get the Investigation He's Been Dying For

A second special counsel may be appointed to investigate Republican concerns concerning the Clinton Foundation’s involvement with Russia, according to a recent response from the Justice Department. This announcement comes just days after an announcement that the Clinton administration may have possibly colluded with Russia on a possible uranium deal and in regards to Trump’s election. Sessions already gave the order for senior federal prosecutors to explore some of the claims, but has yet to release an order to create a specific special counsel. Instead, the attorney appears to be investigating the validity of the claims first.

Key Facts

  • The original request comes to Sessions from the Justice Department, who originally sent a request on behalf of the House Judiciary Committee and Bob Goodlatte. The current Republican senator of Virginia has now called on Sessions twice to investigate, first in July and then in October.
  • Stated Republican grievances include a broad range of events, including a now-debunked uranium deal, Clinton’s use of private emails, the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, and the purchase of Canadian mining company Uranium One by Russia. The inquiry also asks Sessions to investigate James B. Coomey’s “leaked” conversations with Trump.
  • Sessions did not respond to the request personally. Instead, he had Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd announce that he had “directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues raised in your letters.” Sessions also indicated that prosecutors should report to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, rather than reporting to him.
  • The President frequently criticizes the House for failing to properly investigate Republican concerns, and often suggests the failure is an attempt to draw attention away from the Clintons. Likewise, Clinton supporters believe the investigations are superfluous, and little more than an attempt to draw attention away from the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

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