Trump Meets Gold Star Families Alongside Rep. Waltz

Trump Meets Gold Star Families Alongside Rep. Waltz

( – At the end of former President Donald Trump’s term, he spoke with leaders of the Taliban and negotiated a withdrawal from Afghanistan. When President Joe Biden took over, he paused the withdrawal but eventually moved forward with it. How the administration handled leaving the country has been the topic of much debate. Especially, after ISIS-K terrorists carried out a suicide attack that left 13 American service members dead.

The families of some of those military members have criticized Biden for his decision to leave the country and blame him for their children’s deaths. Recently, Trump met with those families.

Trump Meets With Gold Star Families

On Wednesday, August 30, Trump and Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) met with some families who lost children in the Abbey Gate terrorist attack. The meeting took place at the former president’s New Jersey golf resort. Little is known about the content of the actual meeting because the ex-POTUS has kept it private. However, in the lead-up to the meeting, Waltz spoke to Breitbart about it.

The meeting came just days after the second anniversary of the August 26, 2021, attack. Waltz said he’s kept in touch with many Gold Star families over the years. He explained that he hadn’t ever come across a group of Gold Star family members who were as angry as the Abbey Bombing victims.

The congressman explained the families feel like the Biden Administration lied to them because they were allegedly told “multiple versions of what happened that are conflicting.” For example, he said that fellow service members of their children said one thing, while the Department of Defense was giving them a different version. The families also allegedly told the lawmaker they didn’t have many of their children’s belongings, like their phones and photos.

Angry Families

The families of some of the victims of the Abbey Gate bombing went before the House Foreign Affairs Committee the day before their meeting with Trump. Jaclyn Schmitz lost her son Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz in the attack. She told lawmakers that she believes his death was avoidable and she is struggling with the “lack of information, help and accountability, and justice from the” Biden Administration.

“We want answers. We need answers. And we expect those answers,” Darin Hoover, the father of Staff Sgt. Darin “Taylor” Hoover, told the committee. He later spoke at the National Press Club and said that he would ask the president to resign if he could, placing the blame for his son’s death on the president’s shoulders.

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