Trump Meets With Canada While Dems Squabble Among Themselves

Trump Meets with Canada While Dems Squabble Among Themselves

Trump and Trudeau Discuss Trade, China and Iran

Justin Trudeau flew to the White House today for a productive meeting with President Trump. They’re covering what to do about trade deals, China and the Iran situation. We’ll keep you posted as the details of their meeting are revealed. Canada has always been an amazing ally, and Trudeau’s prompt arrival to discuss pressing matters is greatly appreciated.

Trump Reminds Americans of His Incredible Economic Accomplishments

This one’s for the Lefties that don’t believe America is incredible right now. Trump reminds us how he’s improved the lives of all Americans in the face of opposition from half of the country. Maybe the Dems are jealous of the booming economy under this administration. Can they really do any better, though?

Dems Throw Punches at Each Other

The gloves are coming off in the DNC world. At least, the kiddie gloves. This rhetoric is child’s play compared to previous elections, but the Left is so soft-skinned that a needle prick feels like a severed limb.

“While this type of engagement is expected,” LaBolt said, “candidates should be careful not to cross any lines that could significantly damage potential nominees for the general.”
-Ben LaBolt, former adviser to Barack Obama

“You don’t joke about calling black men ‘boys’.”
-Cory Booker

Apparently Joe Biden referred to Cory Booker by a “bad word.” A little scuffle ensued and Booker called for Joe to apologize. Biden claimed he had nothing to be sorry for.

Meanwhile, Bernie is calling out corporatocracy again. Is that his main platform? It’s hard to tell these days.

Wait until next week when the rhetoric “escalates” during the first primary debate — always good for a few laughs.