Trump Nails D-Day Speech. Meanwhile, Mexico and China Push Unrealistic Expectations

Trump Nails D-Day Speech. Meanwhile, Mexico and China Push Unrealistic Expectations

President Trump Nails D-Day Speech in France

Hit the play button on the video below to listen to President Trump deliver his best speech yet in his own words. His recent visit to Normandy, where he reaffirmed alliances and remembered our fallen who saved the world, went well.

Don’t forget to check out our coverage of Trump’s incredible D-Day commemoration speech at Normandy. It was so good that even the fake news guys couldn’t bring themselves to downplay it — a real treat for everyone who was there with the president on this amazing anniversary.

Pence Continues to Put Mexico in Its Place

VP Pence is keeping Mexico under control while Trump as out of the country. He’s continuing negotiations and emphasizing the border crisis. They’re making progress, but not fast enough. If Mexico doesn’t get its border under control, then they’re going to pay more and more tariffs!

China’s Insane Vision for the Future

“Their idea is the whole world will have this combination of [surveillance] cameras, your shopping patterns, what magazines you subscribe to, who your friends are, where you go based on your cell phone being geolocated…
To what degree do you support the Communist Party of China? Have you ever criticized anything? And then when you apply to get a loan or to go to college or to do anything, your social credit score will tell how the government’s going to treat you.”

– Michael Pillsbury
China’s goal for a hyper-socialist country is far beyond what any science fiction writers could have envisioned. You can’t even get a train ticket if you’re a “bad neighbor!” That’s the kind of world lefties push for, whether they realize it or not.

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