Trump Not Ignoring Subpoena — He Lost His Phone

Trump Not Ignoring Subpoena -- He Lost His Phone

Trump’s Ignoring Of Subpoena Has Reasonable Explanation

( – A report by Vanity Fair on former President Donald Trump explains exactly why he hasn’t produced the documents New York Attorney General Letitia James demanded. While the article seemingly pokes fun at the reasoning, it makes perfect sense to those who know and follow the former commander-in-chief. Trump simply doesn’t have the mobile devices from his company from the time the documents would have been stored, nor does he have any physical copies.

The claim went to the court by way of Trump’s lawyers in an affidavit explaining the due diligence performed by his attorneys and their staff to try to locate any such devices at various sites, including Trump’s properties in Manhattan, Bedminster, and Palm Beach. He made it clear that he hadn’t received a new device from his company since 2015, and anything he had before entering the White House no longer exists.

The judge in the case has been fining Trump $10,000 per day until he produces the materials, which seems unlikely at this point. Investigators can’t search what they don’t have access to, and what they have access to is Trump’s personal iPhone, the same one he used during his term in office. Trump is known for shredding physical documents personally for security reasons, so there’s little reason to believe anything like that exists either.

It seems to make little sense that a man like Donald Trump, who has never been a fan of using computers, emails, or phones for work, would conceal devices from that era at a cost of $10,000 per day.

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