Trump Offers Reassurance to Select Group

Trump Offers Reassurance to Select Group

( – COVID-19 is not just ruining sports games for adults. All across the country, youth leagues have canceled and paused their seasons to help stop the spread of the virus. President Donald Trump recently took time out of his busy morning to reassure little leaguers and ask them to “take care of mom and dad.”

On April 3, Little League Baseball released a statement letting parents and players know they’re suspending activities until at least May 11.

The league is following CDC guidelines asking Americans to avoid large gatherings. Scientists believe one of the most effective ways to slow the spread is to practice social distancing.

Small children aren’t going to really understand why they can’t play ball. So, it was nice of Trump to speak directly to them and he made an effort to relate to them. There’s nothing a little kid loves more than their parents, the president obviously recognized that and appealed to it. How great is it to have a commander-in-chief who cares for all Americans?

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