Trump Officials Consider "Bloody Nose" Strike Against North Korea

Trump Officials Consider
Trump Officials Consider "Bloody Nose" Strike Against North Korea

The United States may move forward with Trump’s threats against North Korea in what many are calling a “bloody nose” strategy. A recent report highlights the administration’s current debate over a strike against very specific locations – including areas closely tied to missile tests.

Key Facts

• The reports show that the concept of strikes against North Korea is not new; in fact, Trump’s administration has mulled over the possibility for some time.
• Any strikes approved would likely be in direct response to missile tests, rather than being randomized. Strikes would likely be timed for their connection with said testing in an effort to serve as a “consequence” for North Korea’s refusal to cooperate.
• Despite using the potential strikes as a consequence maneuver, the reports also indicate that the U.S. is attempting to avoid an all-out war. A full U.S. strike against Pyongyang would place immense stress on already-stressed civilian populations, who are already suffering through a famine. Such an attack would produce thousands of casualties.
• The debate over U.S.-led strikes comes just months after the U.N. imposed serious sanctions against North Korea for its dedication to missile testing. The sanctions, designed to cripple NK’s economy and cause strife, play a role in NK’s current food famine.
• Tensions between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea have been high, but the two more progressive countries have encouraged North Korea to attend the upcoming Winter Olympics. North Korea acquiesced, revealing that they plan to send a delegation – including high-ranking officials, athletes, and a cheer squad.

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