Trump On Tara Reade’s Assault Allegations Against Biden

Trump On Tara Reade’s Assault Allegations Against Biden

( – During a phone interview on “Fox and Friends,” President Trump was asked a myriad of questions. Issues ranged from the reopening of states to the latest-breaking development on former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

But one question stood above all when the president was asked his thoughts on the assault allegations against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee continues to deny the allegations saying they’re simply “not true.” Other Dems have to come to Biden’s defense saying Biden’s word is good enough for them. 

During a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Tara Reade delivered a powerful message to those who don’t believe her and a special message to Joe Biden:

While many of the news media outlets continue to downplay Joe Biden’s assault accusations, information about the incident continues to come to light, forcing many supporters to take a second look.

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