Trump Organization Donates Massive Amount to US Treasury

Trump Organization Donates Massive Amount to US Treasury
Trump Organization Donates Massive Amount to US Treasury

The Left absolutely LOVES to position President Trump as a massive drain on the system. According to their “facts,” Trump is sitting pretty in the White House while he uses the presidency to boost his business profits.
But is that really true?
Recent news seems to paint a much different picture. Instead of draining the reserves, Trump donated nearly $200,000 to the US Treasury via the Trump Organization.
Let’s take a look at the REAL facts.

Key Facts:

  • First, why is the Trump Organization donating so much money? Trump, who is essentially a business mogul himself, vowed to separate himself from his profits temporarily while serving as President for ethical and legal reasons.
  • Essentially, the Left tried to claim that Trump only wanted to be President so that he could benefit financially. They attempted to use a legal loophole called “The Emoluments Clause,” which states that elected officials may not benefit or receive gifts from foreign governments unless Congress approves it.
  • The idea that the emoluments clause applies to Trump’s private businesses simply because foreign entities book rooms at his hotel is a little bit ridiculous to anyone with sense. But the President wanted to be proactive; this is a big reason why he turned down Presidential salary and opted to donate profits.
  • Part of that promise included donating a significant portion of profits from foreign government patronage at Trump-owned businesses. This includes Trump Tower and several hotels. It also includes several hosted embassy parties and a variety of other lesser events.
  • The Trump Organization donated a total of $191,538 in profits from 2018. This is a significant increase from just one year prior; in 2017, they donated $151,470.
  • Trump has also assisted the U.S. government and our economy in many, many other ways. From inspiring the creation of thousands of new jobs to the lowest unemployment rate in recent history, it’s clear that profits are not his first priority. Instead, he’s focusing on supporting Americans in Making America Great Again!