Trump Raises $105 Million, Republicans Have a New Fundraising Platform and Scyller Borglum Announces Senate Run

Trump Raises $105 Million for 2020 Elections

The second quarter has been lucrative for Trump and the Republican party.

Thanks to Trump’s amazing rallies, the GOP has been able to raise $54 million while the RNC raised $51. This gives the Trump campaign a massive head start over any of the Democrats running for president so far.

Trump is blowing Barack Obama out of the water with his funding. Obama only had $46 million raised during his second quarter.

New Platform Helps Republicans with Fundraising

Part of the reason that Republicans are having better luck with fundraising this year is because of a new website they have set up. Give.GOP helps people to easily find Republican campaigns they want to support and donate to quickly.

This idea, which is officially called WinRed came from a similar website, ActBlue, that the Democrats started earlier this year. The Democrats may have come up with the idea, but Republicans will turn it into something much better.

Republican Legislator from South Dakota Announces Senate Run

Scyller Borglum, a Republican legislator from Rapid City has announced that she is running for the US Senate in 2020. Borglum said she agrees with President Trump’s commonsense and practical approach to politics during her announcement.

The current senator, Mike Rounds, has not yet announced if he plans to run for re-election. Since his wife is currently undergoing cancer treatments, there are people doubting that he will run. The Republican Senatorial Committee announced on Twitter that they’re still supporting Rounds.

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