Trump Rallies in Texas Amid Border Wall Debate

Trump Rallies in Texas Amid Border Wall Debate
Trump Rallies in Texas Amid Border Wall Debate

‘Dem’s fightin’ words…
Perhaps that’s what President Trump was thinking the other day as he held a campaign-style rally in El Paso, Texas. Just down the street, 2020 Democratic hopeful, Beto O’Rourke, was making a desperate attempt to protest the border wall.
As for which was more successful? We’ll talk about the differences and why O’Rourke didn’t even compare to Trump in the post below.

Key Facts

  • First, let’s talk about why Trump was in Texas and exactly what his goal was for this week’s rally. The President picked a key town to visit; just last week, he reminded the public that El Paso’s current barrier makes the city one of the safest in Texas.
  • It’s a case in point. Just across the border behind El Paso’s wall sits Juarez, one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities. Plagued with gang wars and issues of corruption, it’s considered a “sanctuary city” not for refugees, but for MS-13 gang members.
  • The decision to choose El Paso for a rally also very likely aligns with Trump’s goal of increasing confidence in the wall, especially with Democrats. Although lawmakers did agree to a compromise funding the government (with $1.3 billion for the wall) the same day as Trump’s rally, the threat of a National Emergency remains very real.
  • Monday’s rally felt very much like a piece of his well-attended campaign trail rallies. The president took to the stage and reached out to nearly 33,000 people. Most were supporters, but in true Trump style, he was magnanimous enough to allow a few dissenters in, too.
  • As usual, the Leftist detractors attempted to push their luck by becoming loud and boisterous. This time, they found little ground; Trump’s supporters simply drowned them out with shouts of “build the wall,” and “Make America Great Again.”
  • President Trump was, in fact, aware of O’Rourke’s protest just a mile and a half down the road. But he seemed to stay away from the subject, mostly, pausing only a few times to mention the presidential hopeful. At various points, Trump referred to him as the “young man” with a “great name” who “challenged us.”
  • Only once did President Trump mention O’Rourke in a way that anyone could consider “disparaging.” Taking the high road, he avoided talking about his character and spoke to the fruitlessness of the protest, instead. “We have, let’s say, 35,000 people tonight, and [O’Rourke] has 200 people, 300 people — not too good,” he explained.
  • Speaking of O’Rourke’s chances of winning the Democratic primaries, Trump didn’t mince words. While respectful, he pointed out the fact that the protest may very well end his chances. “In fact, what I would do is, I would say that may be the end of his presidential bid, but he did challenge it,” he said. It’s hard to deny he has a point.
  • The President also spoke about the overall border wall project and revealed that “progress has been made” in coming to an agreement with Democrats. The most recent funding compromise may contain just $1.3 billion dollars in funding, but it’s a temporary measure. Rather than giving up, he’ll continue to push for more in the coming months.