Trump Re-Emerging as Law and Order Candidate

Trump Re-Emerging as Law and Order Candidate

( – In 2016, Donald Trump said he’d restore law and order to the White House. Little did he know at the time, during the first three and half years of his presidency, Liberals would do all they could to undermine him, and stoke the fires of today’s hostage takeover of cities by far left-wing radicals.

While there are legitimate protests surrounding police brutality in the black community, some have gone too far in rioting and looting. In the wake of the economic damage and toll on livelihoods, far-left radicals are demanding police departments be defunded, and in some cases, dissolved.

President Trump, along with Republicans, is pushing back among the images of leftist militant violence, looting, and overtaking sections of far-left cities like Seattle. Trump is seizing on a contrasting movement that would make America’s streets, neighborhoods, and communities safer.

He is re-emerging as the law and order candidate.

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