Trump Rejects Immigration Compromise

Trump Rejects Immigration Compromise
Trump Rejects Immigration Compromise

President Trump has officially rejected one of two immigration compromise documents put together by Republican moderates and conservatives. The alleged document contained guidelines altering current legislation to preserve family integrity for illegals who cross the border.

Key Facts

• Recent investigations have revealed that I.C.E. and other immigration departments are actively arresting parents as they come across; if they have children with them, their children are removed from their care and placed into juvenile detention centers alone.
• Nearly 100 shelters around the country house migrant children – some of which are still in toddlerhood. But the government believes separation is a child welfare issue. Parents who commit crimes cannot properly care for their children; thus, the state steps in to parent to ensure the child’s safety.
• The American College of Physicians and the American Psychiatric Association have all spoken out against current policies. They warned officials that parental separation often leads to extreme physical and mental health issues, including Attachment Disorders and criminal behavior.
• Dr. Anna Lopez, from the ACP, told reporters that, “The effect of this type of event will follow these children into adulthood and into their entire lives.” She also accused the government of “causing a situation that is creating a host of potential health consequences for an entire category of people.”
• The recent compromises put together had bipartisan support, and allegedly claimed to end the separations entirely. However, it also created loopholes where parents who came into the country with children could often be released on their own recognizance, never to be seen again.
• Just last week, Trump, Stephen Miller, and Paul Ryan all indicated that they were “excited” to work on the bill, which would potentially improve border security without risking parental separation. It also included $25,000,000 for Trump’s proposed border wall.
• But, something changed along the way, and it isn’t entirely clear what that something was just yet. President Trump did say that he “…certainly wouldn’t sign the more moderate one,” indicating that he needs “…a bill that gives this country tremendous border security.”
• Trump also pointed to catch-and-release as an important factor in his refusal to sign the compromises. “We catch a criminal, a real criminal, a rough, tough, criminal. We take his name and then we release him. And we say please to show up to court in a couple of months. You know what the chances of getting him to court are? Like zero.”
• On a positive note, Trump also indicated that he is willing to keep the line of discussion open with both Republicans and Democrats. In fact, he specifically gave credit to Democrats for being open to discussion, indicating that they were “in talks” about how to proceed.