Trump Releases Important Statement Regarding Border Crisis

Trump Releases Important Statement Regarding Border Crisis

( – For weeks, Americans have seen videos and images of migrants pouring across the US-Mexico border. Those pictures and others seem to have disturbed former President Donald Trump who responded to the border crisis on March 9.

Trump slammed President Joe Biden for his immigration policies in a statement. The former POTUS said that after all of his progress on the issue, the Left is now destroying the country at the border. He said it’s been a “terrible thing to see!”

On March 10, Troy Miller, who’s currently performing the duties of Customs and Border Protection commissioner, announced the agency encountered more than 100,000 illegal immigrants on the US-Mexico border. It was a startling increase from the previous five years.

Trump’s immigration policies were tough, but they kept the US safe. They were especially helpful during the pandemic when health officials and states were trying to stop the deadly COVID-19 virus from spreading. Biden has obliterated those America-first policies and now the country is in grave danger.

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