Trump Responds to Assange Arrest

Trump Responds to Assange Arrest

BREAKING NEWS: WikiLeaks Whistleblower, Julian Assange, Thrown Out of Ecuadorian Embassy and Arrested by British Police.
In a remarkable turn of events, WikiLeaks traitor, Julian Assange, has finally been arrested and will hopefully be brought to justice! Naturally, since a major name was arrested, the Left tried to turn it on President Trump (honestly, when don’t they?). Our president responded as anyone with more issues to focus on than one man’s criminal record would. Here’s what we know about this incredible news so far!

Key Points

  • Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno stripped Assange of his right to asylum and cut ties with the alleged hacker this morning. This is the same protection that allowed Julian to live free from harm or interference within the tiny country’s London embassy for nearly seven years.
  • Moreno’s reasoning is unknown, but most agree his relationship with the man had become very publicly “strained” over the past year. The Ecuadorian President accused Assange of “discourteous and aggressive behaviour” and “interfering with Ecuador’s affairs” during his stay.
  • British police officially arrested Assange for skipping bail back in 2012 when he first entered the embassy under asylum. He attended the Westminster Magistrates Court mid-morning, where he was found guilty. Sentencing is expected to follow within the next few days.
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  • Assange also faces multiple charges on American soil, including conspiracy to hack a government computer, as well as charges of sexual assault in Switzerland. These findings may or may not influence the US Government’s ability to hold him responsible for his crimes, especially if Switzerland decides to seek extradition at the same time.
  • US government officials have confirmed that they will extradite Assange if given the option; the initial hearing will take place in May. However, this isn’t likely to be a cut-and-dried process. Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, is promising to fight the extradition “to the bitter end.”
  • When asked how he felt about Assange as a person, the President responded honestly. “I know really nothing about him,” he said. “It’s not my deal in life.”

The Left is flooding the internet with news coverage and commentary based on President Trump’s response, but what did they expect? He isn’t saying he never heard of Wikileaks. Our president simply has more important things to do than follow the life of another man. What do you think?