Trump Responds to Nerve Agent Attack

Trump Responds to Nerve Agent Attack
Trump Responds to Nerve Agent Attack

President Trump isn’t taking ANY flack from the Russians – that’s why he ordered a total of 60 Russian diplomats be kicked out of the country this week. The announcement comes just a few short days after the British government positively identified a nerve agent attack against a Russian ex-spy, who was living in Salisbury with his adult daughter. Trump also ordered the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle in response to the event.

Key Facts

• Russian intelligence operatives attacked Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, 33, as they sat on a bench in Salisbury just outside of Wiltshire. They were found slumped on the bench beside one another by local residents, who then contacted the police.
• Sergei Skripal is a known Russian ex-spy. It wasn’t immediately clear whether his daughter, Yulia, had any involvement or even any knowledge of his activities in intelligence for Russia. Sadly, the two are expected to suffer from the effects of the nerve agent for the rest of their lives.
• An additional 130 people in Salisbury may have been exposed to the nerve agent during the attack. Around 50 of these individuals were assessed in hospital and are being followed closely by medical providers. If they become ill, they, too, aren’t likely to recover from the nerve agent used. British Prime Minister Theresa May has pointed out just how barbaric it is to use such an agent, even in an attack against the country’s own operatives.
• All 60 of the Russian diplomats who were removed have been identified as Russian operatives and/or intelligence agents. Of those agents, 48 were on active duty at the Russian embassy in Washington. Another 12 served at the United Nations offices in New York City.
• America isn’t the only country to remove Russian diplomats in response to the nerve agent attack. Other European Union countries, Canada, and the Ukraine have all followed suit.
• American intelligence officials believe approximately 100 additional Russian spies may be working on home soil as diplomats. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Trump would move to oust them or let them remain in the country.