Trump Reverses on Clinton Investigation

Kellyanne Conway, former Trump campaign manager, has reported that President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton relating to the Clinton Foundation or the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email server.
This is a somewhat drastic change of tone from the President-elect, perhaps even seen as a complete reversal on the same promises to Americans that got him elected in the first place.
Trump specifically stated that if he were President, he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her behavior. Then, in the second presidential debate, he remarked to her that if he was president, “You’d be in jail.” Some believe that moment was the actual turning point of Trump’s campaign. “Lock her up” became the regular chant at Trump rallies.
Fox News wrote; “Trump’s decision not to pursue charges against Clinton would not prevent congressional Republicans from opening investigations and referring them to the Justice Department for charges.
In a follow-up meeting with reporters at the New York Times, Trump was quoted as saying; “I think it would be very very divisive for the country” to prosecute the Clintons, although he hadn’t taken it off the table entirely.
We’ve since witnessed numerous reactions — including complete shock and horror — that indicate, by failing to investigate and prosecute Clinton, President elect Trump would not only appear to be condoning illegal behavior, but also demonstrating that he is already going back on a campaign promise that the American people took very seriously.
Here’s what we think: Remember, Trump is a strategist in the truest sense of the word. If he were going to go after Clinton with everything he had, we believe he would still report disinterest. That’s a commonly known strategy in the Art of War. Do not think that Trump would or should owe us an actual report of any offensive strategy before it’s official.
Think about it: if Trump stayed on the offensive, Obama would just pardon her and the country would be in a completely different uproar calling for both Obama and Clinton’s head. Also, we don’t know if Clinton’s rapidly declining health could be a contributing factor. We just don’t know.
So where does that leave us? We need to have faith that we chose our leader and trust that he must have his reasons. It’s getting real now and we can’t let limited information drive our complete faith, nor do we have enough information to abandon ship. We are not likely to hear of reports from the media weeks or months before we attack ISIS again, nor would I expect to hear his real strategy for Clinton until the new Attorney General is in place and empowered to prioritize the major cases concerning this country.
Stay hopeful and self reliant folks. Only time will tell…