Trump Rival Jumps to His Defense

Trump Rival Jumps to His Defense

( – Former President Donald Trump traveled to New York City this week so the Manhattan District Attorney could have him arraigned. On April 4, he was arrested by the New York Police Department and then went before a judge. The 45th POTUS pleaded “not guilty” to 34 felony charges against him.

The moment was a historic one for the country. Only one other president in the history of the country has been arrested, and that was for speeding in a horse-drawn carriage. The reactions to Trump’s arrest and arraignment are mixed, but one of his former rivals has jumped to his defense.

Ugly Business of Politics

On Saturday, April 1, two days after the indictment against Trump was reported, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) tweeted about the case. He pointed out that Bragg once said he wasn’t going to prosecute Trump. His predecessor also didn’t prosecute the former president, and the Department of Justice has not prosecuted for the alleged campaign violations. The Republican called the case “political” and said the jury should be the voters.

According to The New York Times, Bragg did resurrect an old case against Trump. In 2022, when he took over the position, two of the investigators who were working on the case quit, allegedly because Bragg had decided he was not going to charge the former president. However, the new DA did not actually say he wasn’t going to bring charges, as Bush said. In fact, it was quite the opposite, Bragg insisted the reporting was wrong, and the case was not over.

As for the Department of Justice, there are multiple ongoing investigations into Trump. It’s not clear whether the alleged hush money payments are part of it. The former president insists it’s all a witch hunt.

Low Energy Jeb

The fact that Bush tried to defend Trump at all demonstrates how united the Republican Party is on the issue of his arraignment. There is no love lost between the two men. The former governor and Trump ran against each other in the 2016 Republican primary.

At the time, Bush was favored as the possible nominee. The ex-governor had a great track record as the leader of the Sunshine State and knew the presidency inside and out. His brother, George W. Bush, and father, George H.W. Bush, both served as commander-in-chief. In some ways, Jeb Bush had been groomed for the position.

When Trump jumped onto the scene, Bush’s chances to become president flew out the window. The billionaire real estate mogul nicknamed him “Low Energy Jeb,” and that was it — his dream was over. Bush has never recovered from the loss and doesn’t ever spare kind words for the 45th president. Bragg seems to have done the impossible and mended that fence.

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